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Dallas Private Investigators MJB GROUP LLC
Data Recovery, recover deleted texts, expose sexting, and file recovery for mobile and computer devices in Dallas, Ft Worth, Denton, McKinney, Abilene, Texarkana and throughout the DFW Metroplex and the State of Texas
8828 N. Stemmons Fwy, Suite 142, Dallas,, TX 75249 US
Phone: 972-798-7374

8828 N Stemmons Fwy, Suite 142, Dallas,, TX 75249 US
Phone: 972-798-7374
2509 Richmond Rd, #239, Texarkana,, TX 75503 US
Phone: 903-244-3965

We work with digital forensic specialists who, armed with a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques, can uncover data within virtually any computer or device — even in cases where the individual believes that they have covered their tracks and deleted any potentially incriminating material.


To ensure the best chance of a successful computer and cell phone forensic investigation, leave the computer or phone in its current state – if it is powered on, leave it on; if it is powered off, leave it off – and call us immediately!  It is important to resist the urge to do anything on your own before bringing the computer or cell phone to us. MJB GROUP, LLC’s, digital forensic team is able to gather the evidence in a way that is presentable in court.  In this way, we can demonstrate that the evidence has not been tampered with. Even the simple act of turning on a computer or phone can possibly destroy hundreds of vital pieces of data. 

We can perform data forensic services on thousands of different computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Please contact us to find out if we are able to handle your specific devices. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to perform logical and physical extractions, user password extraction, GPS data point extractions, and advanced data parsing that allows us to make sense of the extracted data.

Logical Data Extraction
User data such as call logs, SMS (text messages), contacts, pictures, etc. can easily be acquired using Device Seizure.

Physical Data Extraction
Full physical acquisitions including file system and deleted data can be performed on many devices including most CDMA phones, Android phones, and some GPS devices.

User Password Extraction
User password recovery of mobile devices can make or break a case. Device Seizure extracts user passwords from hundreds of devices including iPhones (physical extractions), Androids (screenlocks), and more.

Integrated Google Earth
GPS data points can be extracted from GPS devices as well as cell phones. Device Seizure allows you to view these GPS coordinates easily by integrating with Google Earth.

Advanced Data Parsers
Extracting data from handheld devices is just the start. You still need to be able to make sense of that data. Device Seizure has advanced data parsers to display user data and to recover deleted data from both logical files and physical extractions. 

A cheating spouse, missing child, or dishonest employee may not give you the information you need – but chances are their computer, phone or portable device will.


Having access to a person’s computer or digital device is like having a giant filing cabinet full of information about them. Nearly every action performed leaves pieces of information, called “artifacts," behind.  Many of these artifacts cannot be viewed or erased by a normal user. The job of a digital forensics investigator and cell phone detective is to uncover the pieces, compile them into a readable form, and present them to the client.

Computer Cell Phone Forensic Examiner

Computer and Cell Phone forensics